Mitigate Network and Application Layer DDOS attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have become a fact of life for any business with a web presence. Whether you’re an enterprise, e-commerce business, local organisation, or government office—it’s merely a matter of time before you’re going to have to deal with the inevitable DDoS attack. The question is what can you do before an attack so you can have
adequate defences already in place

ITEX have partnered with leading DDOS Protection specialist Incapsula to offer all-inclusive DDOS Protection Services.

The DDoS Protection service supports Unicast and Anycast technologies to power a many-to-many defence methodology. This automatically detects and mitigates attacks exploiting application and server vulnerabilities, hit-and-run events and large botnets.


This feature is an always-on service that quickly mitigates any DDoS attack targeting websites and web applications. Website Protection compliments our WAF product, which blocks hacking attempts and attacks by malicious bots


This feature safeguards critical network infrastructure by providing DDoS mitigation for any application or IP-based service. Infrastructure DDoS Protection can be combined with our CDN and WAF to protect web assets and underlying server infrastructure.


This feature is also an always-on service that automatically mitigates DDoS attacks targeting DNS servers. NS Protection complements other our DDoS mitigation services to ensure that your application and network infrastructure are protected against denial of service assaults.