IBM Power Systems

ITEX have an unparalleled IBM Power Systems (IBM i) skill base in the crown dependency financial services market.
Providing development, application maintenance and business continuity services.
Build solutions prized for their performance, stability and dependability.

IBM Power Systems (often referred to as AS/400, iSeries or i5)  is a widely used platform used by companies (large & small), governments and almost every vertical for running enterprise applications. The design of the infrastructure integrates the necessary components to support robust business components such as operating systems, middleware, database management, security and more.

  • Development

    Working in partnership with you, ITEX can develop entire finance applications, kick-start a project or work as part of your existing team. Our experience is predominately in the finance sector with many years of knowledge, insight and experience to implement systems that help drive operational performance and reduce costs.

    We are highly proficient in developing software using older style OPM program languages (Original Program Model) such as RPG/400 and COBOL/400, as well as more modern ILE (Integrated Language Environment) languages and SQL.

  • Maintenance

    As part of our client project process ITEX provide code and system maintenance services but if you have a incumbent system software upgrade or RFC’s to be completed then we can undertake these activities for you on a short term or annual contract basis. ITEX have an IBM Power Systems platform ready to run your applications remotely, no need to upgrade your in house infrastructure.

  • Business Continuity

    ITEX DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) managed service is based on providing full fail-over capability to an offshore located T3 data centre. In the event of production server failure or other unplanned outage, your business will be able to continue operating on the recovery server with minimal downtime.

ITEX have provided a vital service for the past 15 years to ensure our offshore banking platform is maintained and updated based on current business and customer demands.Leading Retail Bank CiO